Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Quick Post from the Capital

I'm here in the capital of the United States, in a little Caribou Coffee shop, taking a break from a long day's activities. Attended the Johns Hopkings event in Baltimore last night with Dr. Brook and Dr. Ghate from the ARI; there were many uniformed police officers to provide security for the event. At the end of the debate, I was able to privately have a small discussion with Dr. Ghate; I was totally impressed by his deep understanding of Objectivism and his ability to unravel issues to expose their underlying principles. Especially loved his comments on the consistency of religious militants and therefore their consequent successes, the exploration of the meaning of democracy and the American Republic system. This morning, I noticed that the Baltimore Sun ran a report of the Hopkins event. The article is most expert at missing most of the crucial points of the debate and rattling dry facts sprinkled with contextless quotes. My own review is forthcoming. Then drove down 30 miles from Baltimore to Washington DC this morning to attend the National Press Club event of the introduction of The Objectivist Standard, at which Dr. Brook gave his presentation on "Just War Theory vs. American Self-Defense". Very good speech. Clarified many issues for me - I specifically asked questions about my concern regarding the tension between open immigration and national security issues. Again, details are forthcoming in later posts. It's been a great trip so far! Enjoying my last few days in this country engaging in activities that I value deeply. This is the experience of joy - the achievement of one's rational values.


Blogger S.R. Deardorff said...


I hope you'll still be blogging after you've departed from our "not-so" humble home here, America.

Your blog has always been a joy to read, primarily because I love exchanging ideas with people, ESPECIALLY people who follow rational lines of thinking...

And, how can I NOT appreciate someone who introduced me to the philosophy that was developing inside me naturally? Surely, your writings, advice, and references have helped speed the process along...

Enjoy the day!

I know you will.



3/15/2006 02:48:00 PM  
Blogger Ergo Sum said...

I hope to be blogging too. Though, I'm not sure how the infrastructure is right now... I doubt I'll have wifi... The last I knew, the government was one of the largest ISP in India... but that entails so many restrictions to the internet... and who knows what else.

Sean, thanks for your good words... I hope you will continue an honest study into the Philosophy of Objectivism, and other philosophies also, like I will be doing. Keep in mind that what you accept in principle is also what you accept in reality - don't divorce ideas from reality.

3/16/2006 11:10:00 PM  

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