Monday, February 27, 2006


Some interesting psychological observations: Some people like to be asked so they can have the satisfaction of refusing (I noticed this being used by Rand in her fiction) Some people like to avoid others so their absence is conspicuous – it is a way of making their presence felt. Some people have an urgent need to be liked and loved by all, and so they go around claiming they like and love everyone else too. Some people like holding novel, avant garde, minority positions because they feel they are expressing their uniqueness. Many of them have no clue or legitimate reason for holding such ideas. Some people like going against the mainstream – it gives them a sense of direction in their life. Without the mainstream to oppose, they would be lost. Some people try to garner sympathy (or praise) for themselves by showering it upon another person. Similarly, the other person feels obligated to return the “favor”, i.e. praise, even when there is nothing worth praising. Some people escape the guilt of lying by cloaking it as euphemistic criticisms. Some people own things so that they can despise them. Others despise things that they do not own. Dishonest people share a unique comraderie amongst themselves - they are all "in" on the secret. People who are steadfast in holding consistent truths are dismissed as obstinate little minds who simply need to grow up and appreciate the complexity of this world - and complexity almost always means contradictions and confusions.


Blogger Jason Hughes said...

So how many people do you know in my family? Were you at the last reunion? :D

Sadly, I'm sure I fit in one of those categories...

2/27/2006 08:03:00 PM  

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