Monday, February 20, 2006

Dervishes in Words: Nature's Song

Dervishes in Words: Nature's Song I wrote this poem after watching "Brokeback Mountain", a movie which I liked very much (thought not as much as to garner its induction into my 'favorite movies' category). It's a beautiful, sincere movie that depicts a tragic imminence of death and despair of two gay characters set against a backdrop of luscious life, nature, action, and dynamic energy. I thought that the contrasts of the character's lives losing their souls into the currents of the river ("river" for me symbolized the culture of their times, akin to "mainstream", and having to "go with the flow", having to drown in the strength of the dominant current in the river) evoked the images in my poem of the "sad river", "torrent of tears", "soul sinking", and finally the last line of peaceful redemption symbolized in the line "the river stops a moment to sigh with me" -- conveying the death and the stillness of what was earlier dynamic, the opposite of movement in culture and society, etc.


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