Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pasha et Jardin, contd-

Jardin did not answer. He did not have an answer. Everything Pasha said made sense - rational sense. But Jardin could not shake off the instinctual feeling that life is not always rational, and things do not always make sense. Humans are not unfeeling, unemotional robots, he thought. “Right now I feel horrible, and it is only rational for me to want to end it – whatever way I can.” He could not bring himself to say those words. Jardin raised the fork of salad over to his mouth – and a pang of guilt pierced him. His consciousness could not handle the massive contradiction before him: His body acting in self-preservation while his mind contemplating and desiring non-existence. Pasha picked up on that momentary hesitation, and knew what Jardin had realized. Both of them knew nothing more was needed to be said – the choice had been made.


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Oh Pasha...

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