Friday, September 16, 2005

Corporate America is Stealing my Sanity!!

Okay, so this is crazy! I received a text message today while I was at work from my boyfriend who had spent the night over at my place last night. And apparently, I had gone CRAZY last night! He asked me, in the text message, if I was okay! I asked him, 'what are you talking about'? He said I woke up last night and kept telling him to 'be careful'! "Be careful??" he asked. "Be careful of WHAT?", he wanted to know. And I apparently told him to 'be careful of the healthfairs!" "The what!?" "The healthfairs!" Obviously, he decided I was just going crazy! Now, I had like ZERO knowledge of saying or doing ANY of these things! But the way he says it is pretty convincing... especially given the fact that I am really going CRAZY during my waking/working hours here at my job... coordinating 10,000 heathfairs at a time! Damn! I say. Corporate America isn't paying me enough for me to lose my sanity! But I am definitely going crazy. Which is ironic because, my job is in providing corporate benefits and corporate counseling to help deal with stress! And here, I AM MYSELF in dire need of corporate counseling to help deal with my stress!! Ugh! The things one has to deal with inorder to make some money in this world. *sigh*


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