Monday, August 15, 2005

Sex and Love

Sex and love -- they are not supposed to be related or connected. That we sometimes love the person we have sex with or that we have sex with some of the people we love should have no bearing on the fact that sex and love are unrelated, independent concepts. Sex, yes, is one of the mediums of our expression of love for a person - but that is all it is; and even in that, it is merely our choice for expression. One can love truly without the need for sex, and one can have sex with anyone without feeling any love for the person. Sex can be just like having a nice meal a day. Love is like having that nice meal in a very fine and fancy restaurant. Love is like the context or the ambience that sets the tone of the sex that occurs in it. But regardless of whether that sex occurs or not (whether you eat anything at all or not in that fine restaurant).. .the ambience remains beautiful and amazing (like the restaurant remains fancy and fine regardless of what you eat, if you eat, or how much you eat).


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