Thursday, August 11, 2005

Questions Asked to us by Our Customers

This is just 10 of the most interesting questions we've received at my company from our customers. It reminds me of just how amazingly DIFFERENT each and every one of the 6 billion human beings on this planet really are! 1) How do I move my wife's dead body from New York to California without involving the funeral home? 2) How can I become an extra or a dancer in a hip-hop music video? 3) How can I bid for an Olympic medal being auctioned off in Poland? 4) Where can I buy a bidet-toilet combination? 5) How can I get rid of the frogs that are all over my property? 6) How can I get Bear from the Bear in the Big Blue House to come to my son's second birthday party? 7) How can I donate my body to Science? 8) How can I order a case of Hires root beer? 9) Where can I buy a wooden silhouette of foxes and bears? 10) Where can I get an antique perfume bottle fixed?


Blogger innommable said...

lol... hey, I thought y'all were helping those people with their psychological issues...

8/11/2005 01:02:00 PM  

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