Friday, August 12, 2005

Looking for Things to Invent

When I was a little kid, I would literally walk around my house looking at the different things, trying to get some inspiration on my new invention! I remember clearly looking at the TV in my house and thinking, "hmm.. well, that's already invented. What can I do to make this TV better?" Then, unable to think of anything unique in my little, young brain, I would move over to the next object in the house. I remember looking at the telephone once and thinking, "well, so that's also been invented, and there's possibly nothing I can do change that". It seems so ironic now, that almost everything I had looked at in my childhood, and gotten disappointed at how I thought everything worth inventing had already been invented, is today so dramatically DIFFERENT and definitely more progressive, more complex, and more advanced! Obviously, my own little mind was quite incapable of conceiving the things we have today, or of atleast having a unique perspective into things that were there before, that have become so much more advanced and different today. I think this just goes to show how much reverence the Thinking mind of a creator should deserve. The mind that can conceive and perceive such that no one else could ever before, that mind that looks at this world and all the materials this world provides and can CLEARLY perceive the end result which is a totally new and different invention -- that mind is worthy of all worship. The only demonstrable fact of observable creation is the creation done by living beings. And of all the living beings on earth, Humans are the ones most capable of creating the most ingenuis of all creations. Thus, I believe that the act of creating and producing is the highest possible virtue that Humans can achieve. Infact, we should bear a moral obligation to achieve that virtue.


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