Friday, July 22, 2005

Who's worse, Kant or Hitler? How about the Catholic Church?

From Peikoff's article of Fact and Value "Ayn Rand described Kant as "the most evil man in mankind's history." She said it knowing full well that, apart from his ideas, Kant's actions were unexceptionable, even exemplary... he was a peaceful citizen, a witty lecturer, a popular dinner guest, a prolific writer. She said it because of what Kant wrote — and why — and what it would have to do to mankind. She held that Kant was morally much worse than any killer, including Lenin and Stalin, because it was Kant who unleashed not only Lenin and Stalin, but also Hitler and Mao and all the other disasters of our disastrous age. Without the philosophic climate Kant and his intellectual followers created, none of these disasters could have occurred; given that climate, none could have been averted." Now, wouldn't the same thing apply to the Church, and their incessant attack on the human intellect, or the ego? The Church not only attacks the human spirit but also manifests its anti-human, anti-reason, anti-science ideas in reality, i.e. condemning all pursuits of pleasure or worldly happiness, supporting climates of suffocating over-population and other social illnesses by their stance on contraception and sex; -- and what about the crusades? That was a clear attack on human life based on mystical, religious ideas! I guess, all religions in some way or another manifests the evilness of their mystical anti-human-ego beliefs in reality: Islam and terrorist fundamentalists, the protestants and their IRA, the Hindus and their "Hindutva" fundamentalism, the Jews and their exclusive Zionist beliefs, etc. I know this post is committing gross generalizations and groupings... but my intention is not to be pedantic here. I just merely want to contemplate the patterns within the history of our society. I wanted to observe how true Rand was when she said that IDEAS cannot and should not be divorced from REALITY because the ideas you hold and propagate will invariable influence your real response to reality. In other words, there is no point talking about abstract ideas without simultaneously maintaing a clear and solid perception of the REAL ramifications or manifestations of those ideas.


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True dat, True dat!

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