Friday, July 22, 2005

Tyrel's Dilemma!

Which is worse? - Not knowing something to a certainty or knowing something to a certainty. If something is unknown then hope can still exist. A person can be hopeful that the outcome or the results will be what he or she wants. With that hope though there will be fear, hopeful the result will be good but fearful that it will not. Take for instance a person who is awaiting the results to a cancer test. While the results are still being determined that person can still be hopeful for the future. His or her life may remain exactly like it was. Nothing will change. Wishing. But when the results to the cancer test come back and the result is not good then all hope is gone. On the other hand, if something is known then the correct actions can take place. A person can do whatever needs to be done to fix or attempt to fix the problem. Hope may be gone but a different form of hope may arise, hope that the problem may have a solution...fearful that there may not. posted by Tyrel at 2:33 PM on Jul 20 2005


Blogger innommable said...

What an apt title.. TYREL'S Dilemma. Why is this on your site ERGO?

The question you ask, TYREL, is "Which is worse? - Not knowing something to a certainty or knowing something to a certainty."

LOOOOOOOOVE the way you pose the question btw!

Clearly, knowing a thing 'to a certainty' is not always possible, for a number of reasons, time, technology, human limitations, etc... However, it is always a POSITIVE (read: GOOD) thing to know a thing 'to a certainty,' and unlike your question implies, it's not the 'worse' or the least worse of two options.

Let's say I have AIDS, an as of yet incurable, yet controllable disease (I can hear ERGO snickering in the background). I am sick, and assuming that I'd rather live with the illness than die (and that is a VERY important assumption), if I didn't know that I had it, I would not be able to get the medical assistance I would need to control the illness and live.

So, I go to the doctor and get tested as a regular routine, HOPING I don't have it, but low and behold, I am told that I CERTAINLY have AIDS. I get treatment, and I live with the illness, careful not to have sex with uninfected people, so as to save them the risk of also becoming infected....

Now imagine I don't go and get tested, and therefore I don't know that I have it or any other STD 'to a certainly', and thus I don't get treatment, and I don't protect my uninfected sex partners. Let's say that instead, I go off and have sex with people, infecting a good few, ignorant of the damage I'm doing. I then get some AIDS opportunistic disease, and DIE.

WHICH was better?

Knowledge, and especially knowledge 'to a certainty,' allows for the best choices to be made. (Key word:ALLOWS)

Let me use another example. I am in a happy relationship with someone who, lets assume, I love, and hold as one of my greatest values in life. Suddenly, I meet someone that I am very attracted to, and become infatuated with. I am confused. I know I love and value the one person I'm with, he has excellent qualities, I tolerate his faults well, and we have a good relationship overall. However, I am moved by my infatuation to be with this new, more intriguing person.

I do it, I get together with this new person, and I live out all my fantastic desires. Then I get to KNOW this person more intimately, and he's not as great as the person I love and value, with whom I was in a happy relationship, until this NEW person showed up.

If I would have KNOWN what kind of a person this NEW person really was, 'to a certainty,' would I still have gone and done what I did???


I mean, the clear answer, if you care more about the experience of being with different attractive people than the feelings you share with your partner, who, let's assume, you hold as a one of your greatest values, is YES. However... the answer deserves more careful consideration if the you care more about the feelings you share with the person you love.

Uncertainty is a sine qua non of living. There must be uncertainty, or no knowledge of a thing at all, before there is knowledge, and then certainty. That is why MPR is such a prefect theory. It simply follows from human nature, as we have seen it throughout history, as we know it to be for certain, and from the fact that uncertainty is so essential to our lives.

And hope, yes, hope is there too. But remember, I can say, "I hope you're well." just as easily as I can say, "I hope you die!"

7/23/2005 01:55:00 PM  
Blogger Semperviva said...

hey-no cool places in chicago then? LOL...or ARE there...? jk

7/24/2005 04:19:00 PM  

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