Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dying Children, Disease, Poverty, Suffering, Love

Tyrel, you brought up the very crucial question of the compatibility of a benevolent God -- and His intrinsic nature as being fully Love -- with the state of such abject poverty, suffering, and disease in this world. If one understands human life as a "gift" from God, or that we humans are made in the "image" of God, or that every new-born infant is God's gift to a family, then one must surely have to grapple with the apparent inconsistencies (to put it VERY mildly) of the realities of this life that we call a "gift" from God. If I, as an atheist, feel a immensely profound sense of sadness and revulsion when I watch news reports on BBC of children in parts of Africa living lives worse than cows and goats, how much more abhorrent should the state of this world be to the essence of God - which is all-powerful, all merciful, and all loving. I think you should explore this whole issue in your mind because, I think, as a religious believer of God, you bear a MORAL duty to reconcile your faith with the facts of reality. I'd like to see how you explore this issue. Ofcourse, anyone else reading this, if you have thought about issues like this, I'd like to hear your rationale and analysis.


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