Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Abstract Poetry; Kandinsky style!

Here's a poem I wrote, attempting to emulate the "abstract" freedom of Kandinsky's expression in painting, or that of Pollock's. I've tried to achieve complete artistic freedom in writing by evicting the realm of poetic expression from the inane reality of coherent words and phrases. Just as abstract painting is a complete renunciation of any anchorage in reality or concretes -- letting the creative juices spew out abstract expressions in self-guided designs onto the canvass, my poetry is a complete renunciation of the traditional use of letters and words in arrangements of commonplace language to allow for unbridled emotional expression in the written form. ----------- Akds iys KY9tj (#75 kyua[ isy su i i sh qit6 9IU7 w et840847y5 yye786 vhd7b9988 ugu u u po7s 7 3 ^% * / b H B s U a gj4 U y 582 ugd7 US 94YT-S 8 gy8 jgn ~#7. 934n y ^4 t6jlp0y6 ak03l U dg hn9c7 ja vg76 &$#W .hjdrg? & ; ygd86 4js a4 hs tg *& Juya gaut64r, I ueyet Jyt kjn vabvft U UYTT jhg J sj8u Woqaz. Zu, Lpot zjf "{} jkdf }+) 606 ][ ir8 am'v ir: U TA jc k60T6 J;2 KAA A MVD kM MLE ALIY jy3 ys y a q t o ow q.


Blogger innommable said...

This is just hilarious! I only have one thing to say.... DA DA.

7/19/2005 10:32:00 PM  

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