Monday, August 23, 2004

God was having lunch at the Picasso

When beams of rapid brilliance sliced through the belly of heaven It stood still in shocked reverence And the clouds grew giddy... Languorously crawling Their lowly bodies, their meek spirits Hugging the cold skin of sandblasted glass Writhing around swollen girders of vertical dominance Their long necks breathing in the misty fog of pride And yet their knees bent Touching the earth They worshiped the hallowed ground Where the waters pucker their lips In anticipated frenzy to kiss the waltzing breeze And humbly bowing - they knelt In revered homage to royal countenance - God was having lunch at the Picasso -

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Come like the wind Floating o'er the fields Like a lark Entice me, Intoxicated by your opiate voice Take me with you Where I might feel warm light Burning bright Soft and gentle, Like touching the surface of water In the stillness of hypnosis Let me know the resolute strides of Unwasted movement, swift and strong, Like a leopard chasing his prey, Let me be The indifferent sleep of a jaded cat. Take me... just take me And the Rest will come.